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We already know the design of the medals of the seventh edition of Polish Run, the only and most important Polish running event in the capital of the European Union, which will be awarded to runners at the finish line.

There are exactly 108 days to the event, so there is still a lot of time to prepare for the 10 km distance. Register today!

We welcome children, beginners, ambitious and professional runners. Street and mountain runners, medium-distance runners and ultras. We welcome experienced runners and debutants.

As part of the starting package, each participant will receive a commemorative T-shirt and a medal at the finish line. As always, the winners can count on attractive prizes funded, among others, by the East Poland House and Polish Tourism Organization, partner of the Polish Run competition.

Let’s #PolishRun together! Registration:


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Polish Run

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You want to improve your personal best at 10 km?

Do you dream of starting in a big, running event?

Or maybe you start an adventure with running?

Distance 10 kilometers on „Polish Run”

it`s just for you.

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