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Let’s #PolishRun together!

7 September 2024

The goals of the first Polish running event organized abroad are the promotion of Eastern Poland Regions and other great parts of our country, activate people who love sport and promote a healthy lifestyle. We invite whole Polish Diaspora and its international friends, representatives of the world of European institutions, diplomats, residents of Belgium and all other countries in which you live and practice sport.


The Polish Run will be held for the seventh time, and again in cooperation with Sport Sante Event, the publisher of the “Zatopek Magazine” and the organizer of many sports events in Belgium.


The Polish Run competition has been permanently moved closer to nature, into the forests surrounding Brussels, offering great running routes and allowing participants to discover the outskirts of the capital of Europe while respecting the nature and raising awareness of the impact that each runner has on the environment.


Our run will take place as part of the larger "Europa Trail - Brussels" event. Within the Polish Run, participants will be able to compete in a 10 km distance. This year's edition of the Polish Run will also include participation for children and youth up to 16 years in a 1300m distance.

We welcome children, beginners, ambitious and professional runners. Street and mountain runners, medium-distance runners and ultras. We welcome experienced runners and debutants. 


As part of the starting package, each participant will receive a commemorative T-shirt and a medal at the finish line. As always, the winners can count on attractive prizes funded, among others, by the East Poland House, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Brussels and Polish Tourism Organization, partner of the Polish Run competition.


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Running at 10km

  • Want to improve your personal best on 10 km?

  • Are you dreaming of starting a large running event?

  • Or maybe you're just starting to run?

The distance of 10 kilometers on "Polish Run" is just for you.



At the beginning of May 2018, at the initiative of the East Poland House and the Polish Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium, the #PolishRunTeam running group was established. It was created especially for all Polish runners in Belgium and Western Europe for better communication, mutual motivation and, above all, to train and run together! We operate on Facebook where we inform about upcoming trainings, we write about running, training and common passion.


Join #PolishRunTeam on Facebook (, on Strava ( or Twitter ( and enjoy running together! Running is POWERFUL!



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Polish Run

running on

/10 km

You want to improve your personal best at 10 km?

Do you dream of starting in a big, running event?

Or maybe you start an adventure with running?

Distance 10 kilometers on „Polish Run”

it`s just for you.

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