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Polish Run Trail - what is it all about?

This year's Polish Run competition will move closer to nature, into the forests surrounding Brussels, offering great running routes and allowing participants to discover the outskirts of the capital of Europe while respecting the nature and raising awareness of the impact that each runner has on the environment.

Our competition annual run will take place this time The competition will take place as part of the "Trail of the Meyboom", in tribute to the folk tradition dating back to 1308 - Meyboom - consisting in planting a tree in the heart of the city every year. On the day of the event you can start at a distance of 65 km, 42 km, 21 km, and traditionally, at a distance of 10 km as part of the Polish Run.

The start and finish of the run will be located at the Hippodrome de Boitsfort race track. The route of the run (available at: will lead through the Sonian forest, which has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2017.


What exactly is a trail and who can practice this kind of running?


Trail running is a combination of running and hiking on the trails. Running in demanding terrain, surrounded by nature. This is quite a specific type of run, because you can encounter various obstacles during run: protruding roots and branches, hills, fallen trees, stones. It also runs on various surfaces, e.g. sand, grass, gravel, stones. Trail running is a great alternative to running in urban spaces. Undoubtedly, the air is cleaner and there are more surprises waiting for the runner.


Who can do trail running?


Trail is undoubtedly a demanding sport, but beginners should not be afraid of it. Cross running is intended for both advanced runners and those starting their adventure with running. You only need to run sensibly, taking into account your own abilities. It's best to start with the gentler routes and gradually switch to the more difficult ones. Trail running is primarily recommended for athletes who want to diversify their training and want to strengthen their body.


Why is it worth running outside the city?


For sure, running in the forest gives a lot of satisfaction. It is an excellent springboard from regular training and can even be treated as an adventure. You never know what surprises a runner will encounter. Moreover, this type of activity does not require any special preparation or supervision by the trainer. It takes place in a space free from car vapors, which has a positive effect on health.


Basic equipment for a trail runner.


Trail running requires a slightly different preparation, but does not require special investment in new equipment. The Polish Run Trail can be easily run using what we use in every day. However, when running in the field, shoes with a large tread, grippy, with a thick sole that will protect the foot from stones and other obstacles will be useful.



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