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To make it easier for you to prepare for the run and be better informed during the competition, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the route of the 10 km run.

This year's Polish Run competition will move closer to nature, into the forests surrounding Brussels, offering great running routes and allowing participants to discover the outskirts of the capital of Europe while respecting the nature and raising awareness of the impact that each runner has on the environment.

Our competition annual run will take place this time The competition will take place as part of the "Trail of the Meyboom", in tribute to the folk tradition dating back to 1308 - Meyboom - consisting in planting a tree in the heart of the city every year. On the day of the event you can start at a distance of 52 km, 32 km, 26 km, and traditionally, at a distance of 10 km as part of the Polish Run.

The route will be marked with arrows on the trees and on the ground. However, we also recommend using GPS (mobile app, watch or other device) to avoid any unforeseen events. Instructions related to GPS devices are available in English and French.

Please note that the route may be slightly changed for various reasons. We recommend that you download the final version of the GPS file (link - GPS) one week before the competition.

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