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General rules of the Polish Run 2020 virtual competitions

We are very pleased to announce that the East Poland House in Brussels has undertaken organization of the next edition of the Polish Run event. The Polish Run will be held for the fourth time in a row, however, for the first time in a unique, changed formula. This year we will not meet at the start and we will not cross the finish line together, standing side by side with other runners. "Run whenever and wherever you are" - this year's motto (dictated by the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic) will take our competition into a virtual dimension. The participants will run a distance of 10 kilometers in any place and any day of their choice, although within the specified time frame. The route marked out independently leaves the participants full flexibility, while guaranteeing social distance due to the pandemic restrictions.

The accuracy, method and message of timing will not take place in the way known from most of the running events. We trustfully leave it in the hands of our competitors. The only requirement is documented completion of the run at full distance, with the necessary caution, safety requirements and restrictions related to the current situation.

Below you can find general rules of the competition. Nevertheless, we encourage you to read the full version of the competition rules.

  • Only people who are 15 years old at the latest on their start day have the right to participate in the Run.
  • The Organiser allows the participation of competitors in wheelchairs with a direct and indirect drive (e.g. hand-bike) and rim-push type.
  • The competitor may run between 10-20 July 2020.
  • Applications are accepted from 10 June to 20 July 2020.
  • A requirement for the participation in the Run is the correct completion of the registration form at
  • The length of the Run is 10 km. A competitor can cover a distance of 10 km in any terrain.
  • The distance can be run in two ways:
    - Running "from start to finish", covering 10 km at a time,
    - "In intervals". The distance of 10 km spreading over any two days. It does not matter how many km the participant will run on a given day - it is important that the sum of 2 runs gives a total distance of 10 km. 2 start days must be between 10 and 20 July 2020.
  • The participant can record his/her run with any device recording the time and distance covered. It is important to be able to send a photo/screenshot showing the run with a visible distance and time.
  • After completing the Run, the participant sends his/her score by completing the form issued by the Organizer.
  • The application requires entering the time obtained and attaching a photo or screenshot showing the route covered along with the visible distance and time. What counts is the score that will be documented in the photo/screenshot. If the participant has run, for example, 11 km, the scores will show the time at 11 km. Therefore, the participant should do everything to run as close as possible to a distance of 10 km, while remembering that 10 km is the minimum distance allowing classification in the Run.
  • You can enter the result only once. Incomplete results will not be considered.
  • Due to the specific conditions and rules of the Run, we urge you to comply with fair play rules.
  • We would like to draw your attention to covering the distance yourself by running or walking. It is unacceptable to cover the distance on roller skates, bicycles, scooters or otherwise. The exception is disabled people in wheelchairs.

Read the full version of the competition rules.


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