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Batist will sponsor Polish Run again!

Batist will sponsor Polish Run again!

The sponsor of this year's Polish Run running event is Polish-Belgian company Batist which is operating in the service sector.

The company, existing since 2006, is one of the leaders in the Titres-Services industry in Brussels, Antwerp and Tertre. Currently employs over 700 qualified employees who serve nearly 5,000 customers. Batist owes its leading position on the market thanks to the high-quality services, perfectly trained perfectly trained employees as well as experienced management staff. From the beginning of its existence, Batist has focused on providing the best employment conditions to its employees and the greatest satisfaction of all its clients.

Their activity is not only limited to being a good employer, providing professional service to clients, but also provides extraordinary and modern solutions to their colleagues and service recipients. Thinking about employees and not only develops the YouTube channel Batist TV, where you can find more and more news programs about the Polish community in Belgium, legal advice, and health programs. This channel is constantly being developed and new movies appear regularly.

Each of these factors contributed to gaining a solid and well-established position in the sector of services provided in the Titres-Services system and allowed for further spreading of wings and joining in numerous actions and events organized by the Polish community in Belgium. One of them is just sponsoring the next edition of Polish Run.

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