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POLISH RUN, 10 - 20 JULY 2020

Polish Run 2020 - Run whenever and wherever you are

Promotion of Eastern Poland and other wonderful parts of our country, activation of people who love sport and promotion of a healthy lifestyle are the main goals of the well-known Polish running event organized by the House of Eastern Poland in Brussels and the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the Kingdom of Belgium.

We are very pleased to announce that the East Poland House in Brussels has undertaken organization of the next edition of the Polish Run event. The Polish Run will be held for the fourth time in a row, however, for the first time in a unique, changed formula. This year we will not meet at the start and we will not cross the finish line together, standing side by side with other runners. "Run whenever and wherever you are" - this year's motto (dictated by the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic) will take our competition into a virtual dimension. The participants will run a distance of 10 kilometers in any place and any day of their choice, although within the specified time frame?. The route marked out independently leaves the participants full flexibility, while guaranteeing social distance due to the pandemic restrictions. Without pressure and concern, for many of us who decide to take part in the race for the first time, it will be a great introduction to real competition, a way to break the shame and take the first step in a new direction.

The accuracy, method and message of timing will not take place in the way known from most of the running events. We trustfully leave it in the hands of our competitors. The only requirement is documented completion of the run at full distance, with the necessary caution, safety requirements and restrictions related to the current situation.

We believe that the unique formula of the competition will allow you to run in a freely chosen place around the world. We invite to participate all those who sympathize with Poland and those who cooperate with the regions of Eastern Poland. We invite beginners, amateurs and professionals, street and mountain runners, middle-distance and marathon runners, regular runners and debutants.

This particularly challenging year also marks the 40th anniversary of the Poland’s Solidarity Movement – Solidarność. Let us unite in the heart of Our Europe and show solidarity with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that, as every year, the Polish Run will be an opportunity to raise funds for those who need our help.

Due to the fact that the project partner is the Polish Tourist Organization and Business & Science Poland, the winners can count on valuable prizes in the form of accommodation in the best Polish hotels, and some even on airline tickets to Poland!

Let’s #PolishRun together!

Running at 10km

  • Want to improve your personal best on 10 km?
  • Are you dreaming of starting a large running event?
  • Or maybe you're just starting to run?

The distance of 10 kilometers on "Polish Run" is just for you.

With you there will be hundreds of runners on the grid, and hundreds of supporters will cheer on the stadium and on the road. Take the challenge!

"Running and helping" action

Despite the fact that participation in the competition is paid, all the funds obtained from the entry fees will be transferred to the account of FC Polonia club in Brussels to support the activities of the children's football club section.


At the beginning of May 2018, at the initiative of the East Poland House and the Polish Embassy in the Kingdom of Belgium, the #PolishRunTeam running group was established. It was created especially for all Polish runners in Belgium and Western Europe for better communication, mutual motivation and, above all, to train and run together! We operate on Facebook where we inform about upcoming trainings, we write about running, training and common passion.

Join #PolishRunTeam on Facebook (, on Strava ( or Twitter ( and enjoy running together! Running is POWERFUL!

Main Sponsors

The sponsors of this year's Polish Run is Batist.

Batist is the main sponsor of this year's Polish Run. Batist is a company operating in the titres-services sector, existing on the Belgian market since 2006. Currently employs over 700 employees and reaches over 7,000 customers. He enjoys trust and a good reputation thanks to the qualified staff who regularly undergo vocational training. Thinking about employees and not only develops the YouTube channel Batist TV, where you can find more and more news programs about the Polish community in Belgium, legal advice, and health programs. This channel is constantly being developed and new movies appear regularly.


See the video

Polish Run

running on

/10 km

You want to improve your personal best at 10 km?

Do you dream of starting in a big, running event?

Or maybe you start an adventure with running?

Distance 10 kilometers on „Polish Run”

it`s just for you.

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